Today’s Scripture:

Ecclesiastes 12:7  

And the dust returns to the earth as it once was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.

One day a family came together to celebrate a certain holiday, during the event the Mother, and Father appeared broken, and tearful.  The younger could not understand what was wrong, yet it seemed that the younger they were, the less they understood.  Finally one of the couple’s children broke down and ask, “What is wrong?”  The parents held back the tears, and the Father spoke, and said this, “I, as well as your Mother reflected back through time, and saw our parents, and how together we had shared this event, and most of you here now, were not even born yet, so we remember how our parents, and friends carried on about age, and who was the oldest, and just little things like that, but now we look, and see they have all gone on before us.  We know no one will understand the way we feel this time of year because we are still here to share it with you, but, one day not to long into the future, you too will know that feeling of heartache as we do here today.  Oh we don’t won’t to bring sadness to the celebration, Oh no, your Mother, and I know, where they are at, there with Jesus, and because of this we to will be joining them soon enough, and then as the old saying says, “Generations move forward.”  We are looking to the day when we will have no more tears, and we will all be together again with Jesus, and we will wait there for the next generation.  And, when we pass you will know our feelings that we share today.  

Love Always.