Today’s scripture verse:

Luke 5: 37

And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the new wine will burst the skins, it will spill, and the skins will be ruined.

The wine press that is referenced in the Bible was usually constructed from rock or stone and consisted of two vats one higher than the other. The grapes or fruit was placed in the upper vat and would be pressed under foot by people to extract the grape juice which would flow through a hole in the bottom and be gathered in the lower vat. This juice would be collected and stored in stone jars or pigskins to store until it was fermented which was about 40 days.

Wine is produced through a methodical process beginning with planting a vineyard with chosen grape varieties in the right soil. Weather plays an important part in the quality of the wine providing the right amount of sunshine and rainfall. As believers growing in the Lord’s vineyard, we are being transformed into fine wine through the soil he plants us in, the weather and circumstances we endure and the long fermentation process. We are all somewhere in His wine-making process. We may be new believers enjoying our miraculous connection to the Vine. Or perhaps we have ripened but suddenly challenged with a crushing process within some unforeseen winepress. Could we be stored in a cold lonely place as we endure the unstable and gaseous process of fermentation? Be encouraged, the Master Wine-Maker, whose example you are following, will call upon your vintage to be used to share the joy of His kingdom. Those who experience your transformed character will marvel saying he has saved the best for last.