When I meditate on God’s creation, the universe, earth, the planets the trillions upon trillion of miles of space full of galaxies and stars, I stand in awe at the amazing magnificence of God our Heavenly Father. Yet I can’t help but wonder, “What does God see in me?” “Who am I Father that you would love me?” I realize He loves all His creation, but He loves me as an individual that lives on a small planet named earth, in this little town in Florida. I am so small in His creation that you can’t even make a speck small enough to represent where I am. I am created, “small in greatness, yet great in smallness”, Psalms 8 says, and “What is man that thou art mindful of him?” I think on these things often, it helps me see my existence, my inner being and my smallness. Yet, God sees how large I really am because He is the only one that knows our full capabilities and worth. All of this known existence that we see in the heavens and on earth was created for Gods pleasure, but, we were created to fellowship and love Him. Yet in my smallness God continues to watch over me every second of every day just like a father of which He is. Is He your Father to? Glory to God in the highest!!!