When the mystery of death arrives I will fear, because that is the nature of man, however spiritually, I know that God has angels all around me. They stand by as protectors, with their flaming swords drawn ready to stand against the evilness of this place where I live. They are protecting and waiting for the last heartbeat, and that last breath and then they will lead me to my Savior, Jesus. The journey will not be long, because the bible says that when I draw my last breath in this place, I will instantly draw my first breath there. When I close my eyes in those final seconds, I will immediately open them to sites unseen. I will be met there, I believe, by hundreds and hundreds of people who will know me, friends and family, even those whom I have touched in my ministry, yes they will all be there. No one can even imagine the beauty of this place, the beautiful singing, the running river of life, walking and talking with love ones, who have gone on before, and can you even think or imagine what it will be like to talk to God or Jesus face to face? The thought gives me chill bumps. Yes, death is a sensation of fear sometimes, because we are human and it is only natural, but the results of death opens the doorway to heaven, to eternal life, and of no more suffering, no more pain, only joy and happiness. When that day arrives I will be escorted to the very presence of God and there shall I remain forever and ever. If you do not know Jesus as your personal savior and believe on Him then this will not be your final fate. You will be cast into outer darkness, where there is separation from God and gnashing of teeth. Repent and be saved today, no one knows when death will come, but it will come, to all of us.