I do find it absolutely amazing that all through history and even now this day and time, the world is against Israel.  People hate the Jewish people, wanting them erased from the earth, thrown into the sea, to remember them no more.  So, my question is do you actually think this will come to pass?  Don’t you see the error of all this?  Satan has been trying to destroy all that God stood for, all that God had, ever since the beginning of time.  It is so funny to watch people run around and contemn Israel and the Jews, being anti-Semitic at every turn, thinking of themselves of the more superior race, and you know Hitler did the same thing.  It is funny that the very hatred people and countries show towards Israel only proves the Bible more and more correct and truthful.  What will people do when the clouds split open and Jesus presents Himself and time will be no more.  Will it matter who hated or who loved the Jew?  No, the only thing that will matter is did you, as an individual, believe in Jesus and accept Him as your Savior, did you repent of your sin, and can you say that you are saved by God’s Amazing Grace.  Yes there are somethings in this world more important than our political stance.  God promised the Jew, through Abraham, that He would Bless those that blessed Israel, and curse those that cursed Israel.  Look at the world today and see if you can figure out who blessed Israel, and then ask yourself, “Are they indeed blessed or cursed?”  As Christians we do not go around and condemn other religious groups, yet the other religious groups condemn us Christians all the time.  The Islam believe it is OK to kill others just because they don’t believe like they do.  How could I ever worship a god that thought it is OK to kill for his name sake?  This battle against Israel has been going on all throughout world history, yet they are never completely defeated, so many countries have tried and ended up themselves being defeated.  God promised Israel that He would protect and fight for them for now on, so when the war against Israel comes, the enemy must remember they are fighting against God, not Israel.